Daily Technical Analysis - 25.04.2018



Trend 8 Hour Down Down Up Down Up Down Down Up Up Up
Trend Daily Down Up Up Down Up Down Down Up Up Up
Trend Weekly Down Up Up Down Up Down Down Up Up Up
Trend Monthly Down Up Up Down Up Down Down Up Up Up
Trend Strength 1 Hour Strong Weak Weak Moderate Moderate  Moderate Strong Strong Strong Strong
Todays Open 0.7603 0.8749 133.11 1.2232 152.12 1.3979 0.7113 1.2827 0.9786 108.82
Average True Range 0.0056 0.0047 0.74 0.0072 1.24 0.0105 0.0055 0.0088 0.0056 0.61
Projected High 0.7659 0.8796 133.84 1.2304 153.36 1.4084 0.7168 1.2915 0.9842 109.43
Projected Low 0.7547 0.8702 133.37 1.2160 150.87 1.3874 0.7058 1.2739 0.9730 108.21























Risk Warning

Risk Warning: CFD’s and Foreign Exchange (FX) traded on margin carries a high degree of risk. As such they may not be suitable for all investors. Investors should ensure they fully understand the risks associated with leveraged CFD and FX trading before deciding to trade because you can lose some or all invested capital. Investors may choose to seek independent advice and should not risk more than they are prepared to lose. Tradersintelligence.com takes no responsibility for money made or lost as a result of a member’s activity in the financial markets. By signing up as a member you acknowledge that Tradersintelligence.com is not providing financial advice but an educational service. A member must make their own financial decisions.